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Family law matters have a lasting impact on the lives of loved ones. These legal issues go to the core relationships between parents, children, spouses, grandparents and extended family members. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer. Leah R. Wilson, Attorney at Law, provides vigorous and compassionate representation for people in the Nashville, Davidson and Rutherford communities.

Fault or No-Fault Divorce?

Going through divorce can be a traumatic experience and the value of having an attorney handle the judicial system cannot be understated. Dissolving a marriage means establishing a new and more fruitful life and it’s important for you to focus on moving forward. Tennessee offers both fault and no-fault divorce filings.

Most people choose a no-fault proceeding. This doesn’t require either spouse to prove the other party was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. Either party can sign and affidavit 44 stating the union is irretrievably broken. Generally, the attorneys work with the parties and negotiate a resolution about things such as division of assets, child custody, visitation and spousal support.

In a fault divorce, you will need to prove the marriage failed due to a harm inflicted by your spouse. That means stressful and costly court proceedings. Litigating a divorce also means airing your dirty laundry and may result in some embarrassment. However, if fault can be established, you may be entitled to a greater portion of the marital assets.

Child Custody

When parents disagree about child custody and visitation, the court will make a determination based on the child’s best interests. It’s important that you put your best foot forward to demonstrate the positive contributions of your parent-child relationship. The court often considers the bond between you, stability of the home environment, as well as moral and religious background among other things. The court also takes into account negatives such as criminal record, illicit behavior, addiction and abuse. An experienced child custody attorney can highlight what the court views important for placement and reasonable visitation rights.

Orders of Protection

Domestic violence and abuse are far too prevalent in our communities. Fortunately, the courts can provide victims with powerful protections that carry the force of law. If you are the victim of abuse or harassment, it’s imperative that you have an attorney petition the courts on your behalf and get you the protection you deserve.

If you are faced with a family law matter, call Leah R. Wilson, Attorney at Law, for a consultation today.

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